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...Mistress of Ocean.... :iconsilentdreamer-art:SilentDreamer-Art 150 137 Leaving Wizard Mountain :iconsilenigmaarts:SilEnigmaArts 115 110 The valley :iconbdbros:bdbros 194 15 Defenders of the Forest :iconundermound:Undermound 310 23 The Golden Knight and His Lady :icondeskridge:deskridge 184 53 Venetian Dream :iconbdbros:bdbros 4,232 327 Solitude :iconbrandrificus:brandrificus 427 86 Disillusion :iconellyevans679:Ellyevans679 302 146 My World Shall Not Be Shaken :icontobiasryenamundsen:TobiasRyenAmundsen 380 172 Lady Ireland :iconmeljoy68:meljoy68 92 87 Found :iconmeljoy68:meljoy68 49 74 The Sorcerer :iconvm0572:vm0572 19 14 Resolve :iconbad-dragon:Bad-Dragon 282 59 Flying Without Wings :iconpygar:Pygar 2,248 166

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Behind The Waterfall -1 :iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 6 0 Magic's Waltz From Oblivion :iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 1 0
Harbor of My Soul
Oh sweet harbor from storms so fierce
To feel your arms draw me into the slip of you
With ease of flow we meld one to the other
A sigh, a low sweet moan, and sweet dreams replace the harshness of horror.
Take the Shadow Players addiction to me
Replace the lightning strikes of their arrows swells with smooth wave
Make their thunder the music of the sweet osprey in flight
My addiction, be the inspiration that cracks the power of it.

Oh beacon of light guide safe passage
To the shelter in the arms so comforting
Where we shall forever recuperate
Through the darkest of remembrances and in the joys of their light.
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 4 6
Sister of My Soul
How long have the memories been suppressed?
How long has an angel waited in shadowed mist?
How many ages have past?
How many times has the hour glass of sand been turned amiss?
From the dark ages of man we emerged
Flames that started as a candle becoming torches that burn.
A rekindling sparked through some unseen force
With emergence of reflected winged Light
Perhaps fulfilling an ancient prophecy
Cracking forever a sorceresses curse. 
Touched by an unexplainable knowledge
Measured century of time, a crystal goblet of intellect's fashioning
A feeling of remembering  that distant past
A distant past brought forward with no boundaries
Where two souls were linked forever.
In a way not understood by mere man
Down through the centuries
Floating past men both evil and good remembered
A legacy held in subconsciousness
Hidden behind a door ancient.
Waiting the moment of fulfillment
That in a hushed whisk of
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 6 4
The First Guardian Of Avalon
The First Guardian Of Avalon
The road was long, the journey weary
From dawn to dusk I traveled
Through forests thick and dimly lit
Through yonder dales, o’er mountains high
In search of a mystical place
A legend oft heard of yet seldom found
My quest for Avalon had begun.
... And through the mists of yonder bay
A stoic figure stands partly hidden,
As day slowly fades into night.
What challenges lay ahead
To test me mentally and physically?
How many guardians will I encounter?
Before I gain entrance to Avalon.
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 2 3
That Magic Feeling
That Magic Feeling
Running through the fields
As if we were chasing butterflies
Feeling free as the breeze
Blowing so gently through our hair.
Bringing us the fragrance of glories
Of tiny beings dwelling in ethereal gowns
Twirling as we are now with arms free and wide
Just as children playing, oh we see so clearly now
The magic of the touch
Of hands clasped together
The magic of the embrace
Of lips sweet kiss.
First kiss where dreams are not part of
the kiss of lovers, the kiss of fairy tales and charms
we bond that moment, that tiny moment is the seal
that answers all our questions, and always will
Wildflowers sway to the beat of our hearts
As we lay gazing skyward
Seeing castles, princesses and knights
Drifting so gently through the air.
Then you turn to me, take me gently into you
Arms intertwine as vines gracefully, strong, true
You kiss me again, this kiss a prelude
And we are now drifting through the air
With the clouds
With the castles, princes, princesses, and knights
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 3 2
Moonlit Knight of the Moonlit
Moonlit Knight of the Moonlit Angel
Storm clouds gather above
As black veils conceal a face complete of sorrow
From days and nights spent within the well of despair.
Who is there to offer a hand?
Who is there to brighten gloomy skies?
Remove the shroud from those eyes?
Tis’ I, the Moonlit Knight
Just reach for my hand, grasp hold and find relief
For then I shall pull you from that abyss.
In shadowed quiet thought comes trembling response
A hand, ivory color, reaches from darkest depths that abound
Grasping tightly that hand offerred, she uses the other to shade her eyes briefly
From the golden hue that off his armour does him surround as a aura heavenly.
Her voice comes whisper fragile, as fragile as summer breeze on late fall's wing
Her words are few but in them is a story that is astonishment.
"I kind Lord have been laid low for so long now, that at first sight
I thought ye a warrior from some heavenly realm. Sweet rescue thou
Doest this day, for I was oh so low, so lo
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 6 6
Looking out at the endless forever reaching arms of the sea
An ocean of feelings begin ebbing within me just as the tides come and go
I stand here in this Vigil watching them flow, watching them flow
From shore back out to sea, an endless motion, an endless Vigil
Waiting for you to return to me.
Haunting the waves with my gaze of penetrating wishes, I cannot
But help wonder if you survived or if by some magic mystically live beneath
Beneath the waves that come and go, come and go as you did on ship with
sails white
Through the breeze of ocean endless that does flow day and night
I stand here and feel the spray of Mistress Ocean as her laced trimmed
Of water meet the shore where they dance into final oblivion, only to
Disappear once again under another wave’s coming
I stand in Vigil watching as endless as the tides for you to return, my soul
is Vigil and it
is summoning.
Summoning to you across the ocean’s waves and winds, calling out softly your
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 6 10
Quest of... Part IV
Quest of the Mystic Knight Part IV :  Salvation
Two stand alone against Satan’s evil hordes
With only an magical lily and a knightly sword
Too deliver the reflourishing of the lands
And release the grip from the evil one’s hands.
The first touch of their hands strengthens the lily’s power
Showing their quest to be not only to free but empower
The love held within their lonesome hearts
And return the kingdom’s peaceful comforts.
Life’s resurrection and the world’s salvation
Found in the purity of soul and heart
Of two having been united in a daunting mission,
Now drawn so near to its ultimate fruition.
A maiden and a knight fighting against Satan’s madness
Restoring the kingdom to the glory of the past success
With only an magical lily and a knightly sword
Delivering the unexpected defeat of Satan’s evil hordes.
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 2 3
Quest of ...Part III
Quest of the Mystic Knight Part III : The Quest
A mystic knight with armor shining
Appears from out of the shadows prevailing
A bright light glistening through the darkness
Her ray of hope for rescue from Satan's wickedness.
A lone soul on a illimitable expedition
To reveal lives redeeming distinction
Still held tight within a maidens trembling hand
The light, the power to liberate all the land.
Through the distance sensing her heightening pain
Ignoring his own need he proceeds across the scorched plain
Conscious of a bond growing between the maiden and he
And aware this connection to be the restoring key.
Across the miles he races upon trusty steed
Driven on by an unknown maiden's silent deed
Finally encountering that distant radiance
The end of a quest and the beginning of the alliance.
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 2 0
Quest of ...Part II
Quest of the Mystic Knight Part II : Purity and Hope Captured  
Hordes of Satan reeked their havoc upon the already blood soaked lands
There still remained purity and hope held in trembling maiden's hands
If only she realized, if only her soul's eyes could behold the power she held in
this fight
The lone remaining force, the last wall of defense, to restoring again the
As the lily illuminates her path through the rough hewn desolation
suddenly she recognizes the dark demons and her isolation
The foe stay just outside of the light fearful of the light in purest form and its
Unable to destroy the purity and hope of this magical flower.
Through the night toward his stronghold she was abducted
Led away unharmed as their master had instructed
So vulnerable to Satan's whims her virtue to be tested
Can her resolve withstand whatever the Evil One has constructed
In the distance a pure hearted hero notices an u
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 3 6
Quest of...Part 1
Quest of the Mystic Knight Part I : Darkness Abounds
Dark demons conjured from their dank tomb
Spreading evil - at the Order of Satan's wish for gloom
Across meadows flowering this wave of fire goes breathing
Scorching everything beautiful – everything living.
Lightlessness creeps over a land left barren
Obstructing even the brilliance of heaven
However a fair maiden wanders aimlessly
Over the desolate landscape vigilantly.
Amidst the ruin she finds a single lily flourishing
Glowing brilliant still amongst the decaying
A sign of life still untouched by the devastation
A sign of beauty purity hope and salvation.
From ashes of Lucifer also rises in beauty
A new Hero – A New Glory to battle this Evil Entity
The danger lies not within His also rising Wisps
It lies within ourselves, are we willing to help what He risks?

:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 4 10
Enchanted Moment
Enchanted Moment
At the edge of a magical stream
Like setting foot into a dream
She realizes something's amiss
Then recognizes it's her lovers kiss
From an enchanted moment
Comes a life of joy and fulfillment
Where danced only reflections of her loneliness
Now waltz two reflected in embrace of foreverness
Enchantment weaves a melody of sweet purity
Stars chime in heavenly chorus of divine beauty
Eyes gaze into eyes met for sacred joining
As worlds whirl in the allure of hearts combining

From an enchanted moment
Love flourishes bringing contentment
As two entwined in tender embrace
Walk into eternity with resplendent grace
:iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 5 9
ID 1 :iconmutualendeavors:MutualEndeavors 1 2



Behind The Waterfall -1

The following stocks were used in creating this work:

new-horizon-stock.deviantart.c… by :iconnew-horizon-stock:… by :iconcastlegraphics:… by :iconlinzstock:… by :iconjean52:… by:iconpanopticon-stock:


The following non-stock photo was used by the permission of the artist:… by :iconlacolombededeuil:


This work is a visual to a work in progress called Caitlin and Liam. The story has been on hold for some time now for various reasons. We are hoping that work on this piece will continue soon.

Here is an excerpt from the story that goes with the manipulation posted here.


Liam dismounted and proceeded to lead his horse through the dense brush and trees that surrounded the area near the waterfalls. He made sure to conceal his tracks as he went. Finally he arrived at the waterfalls. Liam moved slowly along the edge of the water to a path that went behind the falls. The path was about 4 foot (need to put into correct time frame terminology) wide so he led his horse along with him. When he came to the cave he took the torch he had brought out of his sack along with the flint. He placed the torch against the stone wall; it took few strikes of stone on flint to light the torch. Once he had it lit Liam grab the handle of the torch and stoop up. He returned the flint to his sack then started to explore. There at the entrance to his surprise he found a torch stuck into a standard (?). At this sight Liam started to inspect the ground around the area for any recent activity, he continued this across the width of the cave. At the other side he stood to find another torch standard, this time he lit the torch helping to illuminate more of the cave.




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:iconmutualendeavors: is the account for the collaborations of Katarina LaColombeDeDeuil and Bill wizillusions


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